Down's Syndrome Care

A genetic disorder associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features and mild to moderate developmental and intellectual disability. It is caused by the presence of full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21.

Down's Syndrome Care

A chromosomal disorder in the individual with an extra chromosome. Symptoms are intellectual disability and characteristic facial profile. A variety of therapies can be used in early intervention programs and throughout a person's life to promote the greatest possible development, independence, and productivity.

Thus , Here at Focus Care Link We have specalist team of care workers and registered nurses who can understand the emotional, social and physical challanges that person affected with Down Syndrome undergoes.
Our team have had extensive training in providing remarkable and specalist care and support to person affected by Down Syndrome.

" People with Down syndrome present varied levels of intellectual and physical disabilities. The affected children and adults have some distinct facial features, but not all affected individuals will have the same set of features. Some of the common features are as follows: Small skull, Upward slant of eyes and epicanthic folds, Oblique palpebral fissure, Nose is small with the flat nasal bridge and Mouth has a narrow short palate with small teeth and furrowed protruding tongue"

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