Our care workers

We recognise that a care worker is someone that service users will spend a lot of time with; not just in a professional capacity, but as a companion. Our recruitment process is therefore designed to employ carers who are not just the best professionally, but are people with whom our service users will feel happy and comfortable.

There is no denying that working in care is a challenge – but speak to any care worker, and they’ll tell you just how satisfying and personally rewarding their career is to them. We employ care workers from all walks of life and with a range of experiences, from those fresh out of university to older carers who are looking for a new challenge. Many hold professional qualifications, such as CQF Level 2 or 3.

Our recruitment process is strict, with criminal background checks, and UK Border checks for immigration status. New carers must take part in two weeks of extensive training before working with our service users. They receive detailed training on an ongoing basis throughout their time with Focus Care Link – as well as being encouraged to undertake their own personal development programmes.

Our care workers must demonstrate integrity, reliability, empathy, patience, gentleness and compassion, along with respect for privacy and confidentiality, helpfulness, understanding, support, and a hardworking and caring mentality.