Who we help

We understand that clients have varying needs when it comes to home care, and our tailored support plans are designed with this in mind. We provide essential care and support to vulnerable people of all ages, enabling them to continue to live in the comfort of their own homes.

We provide varying levels of support to older people, those with mental health conditions,  those who need support as a result of long term illness or disability,  and those who  need assistance following a hospital discharge -along with a wide range of other services – providing a professional and caring service with a focus on quality, not profit.  Our care workers are patient and are skilled at working with those who are resistant to care, providing both practical and emotional support.

Older People

Available to those over the age of 65 (our oldest client -108!), our home care service for older people is second to none. From those who have become frail in their old age, to those with age-related illnesses, multiple care needs, or other issues, we are able to provide both simple and complex care. 


Our dementia care workers are chosen not only for their qualifications, but for their empathy and patience. Our dementia staff reassure clients and work with them to develop a regular daily routine, involving them in daily tasks where possible.  While it is important for our care workers to help maintain their physical health, we also work to maintain the service user's mental health as far as possible.

Long-term Conditions

We understand how hard it can be to live with a long-term condition such as arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease, and can offer support in a variety of ways.  As with all of our clients, we will assess each case individually to determine the best level of care.

Our care workers will help by providing reminders to take prescribed medication, collecting prescriptions, preparing meals and other tasks which may be required.  We will also carry out a full risk assessment of each client's home, in order to minimise hazards to maintain a good level of safety.

Complex Needs

Our carer workers have a vast amount of experience in caring for those with two or more disabilities with varying degrees of complexity, for example, providing spinal care support. Allowing the client a more comfortable environment than a care home, we provide intense monitoring for these service users – often including 24 hours monitoring from both care workers and other healthcare professionals.


At Focus Care Link, we work with people with disabilities of all ages, and with a range of individual needs. Many people will find that juggling the care needs of a physically or mentally impaired relative with their personal and working lives tough. Our aim is to help both the client and their family members by providing a person centered level of care that is tailored to the individual, whatever their needs, with an emphisis on empowering the individual to take control of their lives.  All of our care workers are trained to move and handle people safely and appropriately and will help to sign post clients to sources of information about appropriate equipment if needed.

Sensory Impairments

We have a wealth of experience in supporting people with sensory impairments, caring for those who are visually or hearing-impaired, or who suffer with dual sensory impairment.  Our carer workers are trained to maximise the quality of life of those living with these conditions, assessing individual needs to provide the best possible support and to minimise social isolation.

Mental Health Issues

The term “mental health issues” can describe a wide range of conditions, from anxiety and depression to schizophrenia. Focus Care Link provides support to those with mild to moderate mental health problems. Our carers are highly trained in working with such conditions, providing regular home care services, reminders of regular medication and also companionship.