Huntington's disease

Huntington's Care

We believe that through a compassionate and person-centred approach we can help individuals living with huntington’s disease to rebuild their lives and strengthen social relationships.

Being diagnosed with Huntington’s disease (HD) could come with a huge distress and astonishment. As a degenerative and incurable condition, Huntington disease can present mental, physical, social and psychological challenges for those who have been diagnosed and their relatives.
Our team have had extensive training in providing remarkable and specalist care and support to person affected by Huntingons disease.

" Huntington’s disease causes movement, cognitive, and psychiatric disorders, with symptoms widely varying between individuals. Movement disorders: Chorea - Involuntary jerking or writhing movements, Tremors, Rigidity or contracture of muscles
Cognitive disorders Problems with organising, prioritising, or retaining focus on tasks, Getting stuck on thoughts, behaviour, or action, Lack of control over impulses"

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