Support For The Blind

Specail Support For The Blind Care

We aim at providing the best support fot he people who are partially or completely blind.According to the statistics there are about two million people suffering form sight loss mostly these people are senior citizens aged above 50.

Thus , Here at Focus Care Link We have specalist team of care workers and registered nurses who can understand the emotional, social and physical challanges that person suffering from blindness undergoes and thier relatives have in managing thier daily lives.
Our team have had extensive training in providing remarkable and specalist care and support to person suffering from sight loss.

At Focus Care Link, we have specialist team of staff with many years’ experience to provide the right level of support and assistance for blind people and those with partial and severe sight impairments of all ages and different types of needs at home. We understand that visual impairment presents a challenge for independent daily living, but this does not mean you should leave the comfort of your home. That’s why we have implemented services to specifically to assist the blind to live as independent and fulfilled lives. We believe that with extra support and assistance from health professionals and the circle of family and friends, people who are blind and visually impaired can live confidently and happily.

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